Monday, 30 January 2012

First Blog Post

Welcome to my new blog. If you taking the time to read this I would like to thank you so much in advance...  I am a mother of two beautiful, gorgeous children Ayshia Leigh aged 12 years and Jostyn Erich aged 8 years.  They are my life, my world. Simply put the reason that I breathe. 

When I discovered I was to be a mother. (Which just happened to be on Mother's Day 12 years ago). I did what most mothers do and placed my life on hold.  I stopped everything to give my children the love, time and devotion I thought they needed. I look at them now and how beautiful they are and I know they are going to be amazing young adults. "Wow" can they blow me away with there thoughtfulness and this overwhelming ability they have to give love, show love and receive it.  Now is where I need to show them that I can do all the things that I have taught them to be. And this starts by showing them that I too can love, including giving love back to myself and loving what I do. So with this in mind I have made a few decisions ..... 

I have decided to finish what I started over twelve years ago.  I am half way through my Bachelor of Arts and Design one of the things which I placed on hold to experience the joys of motherhood. So I am back. I have figured now its time.  Its time for me to find myself again and do what I love and thats to paint, draw, scrapbook, make cards and express myself in anyway I can.  I love to get lost in my artwork, losing all sense of time, forgetting any worries or troubles that might be lurking.

I should also probably mention I am also currently half way through my Teachers Assistant/Aide course as well. This is something else intend completing shortly.  

After some wonderful encouragement from friends I have also just registered my business Fee Lee Designs. I am still working out the finer details and to be honest what direction to set off in. So this is all the start of something new. My journey. A new beginning. So hear goes... 

As I log my first Blog entry I would like to mention how absolutely terrifying and difficult it was to right this entry.  I am for the most part a very private person. Like most others I would expect.  So to write a blog was all very foreign and extremely new to me..  Therefore If I am ignorant to the world of Blogging (if there is such a word) I hope anyone who decides to follow me can forgive me.  Time and experience fixes and heals all.  So I am told.

 Fiona xxx


  1. Just love your page, it's gorgeous! You really are a beautiful person, what you have said, really is you x

  2. Thank you Kerry! I am so glad you are following us x