Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bath Time

Good morning!

I thought it was about time I post some of my artwork!

The first piece I am posting for you too all enjoy is a painting I have done on a beautiful piece of timber. I fell in love with the knots and colours of the timber and knew it would make the perfect surface for my painting.

I have painted an image from a old publication called The Painters's Home Companion by Jean Myers and Shirley Wilson. These are lovely books. And this image was one of my favourites.

To begin with I have sealed the wood's surface.  I used an all purpose wood sealer from the Jo Sonja's range.

Once the surface was dry and dust free I sketched the image and began painting.  I have used Jo Sonja's acrylics. I find the colours vivid and really lovely to work with.

I do use other mediums such as Oils,Watercolour, Chalks, Pencil, Inks, Copic markers and so many more.  I tend to vary my mediums depending on what mood I am in. However for this particular project I really like how the Jo Sonja's looked.

I hope you enjoy my painting.  I love teddy bears. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and my artwork.

 Fiona xxx


  1. Just love this Fiona!!! I love teddies. You are so talented! I know when people see your work, they are going to be amazed xxx

  2. Thanks Kerry xx I still get so nervous posting my blog. xxx