Saturday, 13 October 2012

Where have I been

Good Morning Everyone!

I have finally started to get back on track.  I wanted to let anyone who is following my blog know that I have been having a few hiccups over the last 6 weeks.

I am told things happen in three's.

I have experienced a few set backs which have put my blog and my craft on hold.  It started with having to be tested for the second time round for breast cancer.  This was obviously very stressful and consumed my every thoughts for a good few weeks.  I am however blessed! I  am a lucky girl and have been given the all clear.

To all the beautiful women out there who are not so fortunate I send my love, strength and compassion your way.  I can't imagine the struggle you must be going through. The what if's and the possibility of being faced with such a terrible disease is very overwhelming and daunting. I was terrified for my children.

After I was given the all clear I was then faced with a car accident.  A drunk driver hit the back of my car.  Again I was lucky.  My car was obviously damaged however I think I was meant to be at the intersection where the accident took place.  If I had not been there the women who hit us would have surely gone straight through the lights and killed someone. She was extremely intoxicated so much so she spent the night in jail and ended up with the maximum charge for drug and alcohol usage.
It was 7.30 in the evening and the intersection was extremely busy.  So for the sake of a vehicle I am glad I was there.  Sometimes out of something bad comes a wonderful positive. The possibility that a life was spared!

My partner and I did end up with a very sore back and neck but hey time heals all so they say! Again I was lucky and my children where not in the vehicle to witness any of this.

I do not drink so me this was particularly upsetting.

Lastly we where put under pressure and had to move house.  So after a lot of packing boxes, a bit of de-cluttering we have relocated to a new home.  A larger property where my beautiful animals are loving it. Especially my dogs! They have space and freedom to explore.  My children are also extremely happy!

Looks like I might be finally back on track!

I will be hoping to post a project shortly.

Thank you so much for your patience.


Fiona xxx

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  1. Hi Fiona so glad you're back!! Look forward to your blogging with anticipation xxxxx