Thursday, 8 March 2012

Scrappy Go Lucky Tutorial for Beginners

Hi Everyone!

Today I am doing my first of many tutorials on Copic Markers for Scrappy Go Lucky.  I first would like to say although I am not a Certified Copic Marker Designer. I do have my certificate/Diploma in Art and Design. And I am currently half way through my Bachelor of Art and Design.  So with this in mind I would like to give you an idea of how I like to colour with Copic's using  the  Marci Ruffles Stamp by La La Land.

I am beginning with a basic tutorial on how to colour and blend with Copic Markers. For those Copic users who already are familiar with the basics please feel free to take a look. Fresh ideas can sometimes spark your creativity.

To begin with you stamp your image onto your Copic blending card using Memento black ink.
Its a good idea to place a piece of scrap paper under your image before you begin to colour. That way any bleeding that occurs from your markers goes through onto your scrap.

Then you will need to select what colours you wish to use for your stamped image. For this demonstration I have used  Copic Sketch Markers.

Colours used: G43, G46, Y28, BG70, BG72, Y00, Y02, Y35, Y26, Y28, E000, E00, E02, E11, BV02, RV32.

To begin with I completely colour Marci's ruffle top and head band using G43.  (Each marker has a colour coded number on the Marker e.g. G43)

TIP: Remember to use circular motions when colouring to give more even coverage.

I then use G46 to create shadows. I use a flicking technique with the brush tip.

TIP: Hold and flick your Copic brush tip away from your body, using small brush strokes.

Use G46 on the straps of her top under her chin area and along the middle of the ruffles on her top. Once you have done this use G43 to colour over the complete area to to blend the colours together. This same technique is used for the head band and shading on the head band above both her ears. G46 to Highlight and G43 to blend entire head band.

To make the ruffles stand out even more I used Y28 over the top of each highlighted area. This creates further dimension on both the ruffles and head band. I then use the colourless blender to remove the smallest amounts of colour on the mid section of the head band and in between each ruffle. This helps to start to make Marci come alive. Once you have done this using a slight flicking motion with G43 to blend these areas.  Once you are happy you can move to your next area to colour.

TIP: Don't forget you can use your chisel end of your colourless marker to correct any little mistakes you have made by gently pushing the colour towards the area in which you wish the colour to go. Allow the area to dry each time you do this step.

Before continuing to colour I like to match my card stock and any papers I might be using. This is a personal choice. Some crafters like to do this once their completed. However I find it easier and a little more fun to do this at the start. It gives me inspiration whilst I am completely my project.

For the skirt and shoes I have used BG70 as the first colour applied to my stamped image.

To give that shading and dimension needed to the skirt and shoes I have used BG72.  Once you have shaded the areas use BG70 to blend both colours together and create a softer look. 

I have also used BG18 very lightly along the same areas as BG72 this gives further dimension to Marci's skirt and shoes.

TIP: If you look closely at the top of Marci's skirt  under her ruffle top you will notice that I have shaded this area. I have also shaded on the left and right sides of the skirt where Marci's legs appear to be under her skirt. This helps to give the impression Marci is sitting down.

For Marci's Hair I began by using Y00 for the main colour all over her hair. I have then highlighted around the head band area, the hair under Marci's ears and at the top of Marci's hair on the left and right starting with Y02.  Use Y00 to blend the hair and continue with highlights.

For further highlights and a golden tone I have used Y35. When highlighting Marci's hair I use small flicking strokes. Remember when using this technique to push the Copic brush tip away from you body with each stroke. 

Followed by Y26 and Y28 for additional depth and highlights. Which creates a warmth to Marci's hair colour. Making sure in between each application of a new colour I blend with my original Y00. This with remove harsh lines. As you continue slowly Marci is coming to life.
If you stay tuned to my blog in a few weeks I will give a more detailed tutorial on how to colour hair.

The next step is to start with Marci's skin tone. To begin with I use E000 for the all over base colour.

Followed by E00 and E02 to start to create depth and tone in Marci's face and around her knees, shoulders and under her neck area. In between each colour used blend with E000. I continue with these colours until I am happy with the result.  I have then used E11 to give a further dimension. BV02 has been used to highlight under the hair line, on the tops of her ears, on top of Marci's shoulders and on the left under her neck. I have also used BV02 on the top of both of Marci's legs. Blending with E00 and E000 as I go to slowly build up Marci's skin colour. Once I am happy with the result I have finished with RV32 on Marci's cheeks and lips.  With the cheek area I blend with E000.

You have the option to provide additional shading underneath Marci so it looks like she is sitting on something. However in this case I have not shaded underneath so you could focus on Marci.
In my next tutorials I will cover other more in-depth areas of shading. Including casting shadows.

On my first example I have mounted my Marci stamp as is on a Co ordinated paper from DCWV. I have also used a beautiful green glittered chip board notebook and blue and green embellishments to Co-ordinate with my colour scheme.

Another option you have is to cut the stamped image out and do as I have done and place her sitting on something such as a bench. I particularly like this as it completes the stamped image. I have used foam mounts under both the bench and Marci to make her pop off the page and create more dimension.

Thanks for stopping by! And have a wonderful day!
 Fiona xxx


  1. Yay for your first tutorial!! hugs kerry xxxx

  2. beautiful work Fiona. The ruffles look amazing. Great step by step instructions. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Mandy x This is going to being very exciting and quite an adventure xx looking forward to it xx

  3. Love the colouring and the step by step tutorial, I am going to give this a try sitting in front of the computer with my copics on hand.

    1. Hi Shelley Thanks for your comments. Loved doing this card. Looking forward to posting a lot more ideas and tips.

  4. Hi Shelley, Love your work, very talented. I'm just starting out with copics & will be checking in regularly. Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for stopping by. Learning something new is always fun. If you want to find out how to do something in particular let me know. I am more than happy to share my ideas and any tips I may have learnt along the way.