Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ahoy Matie - La La Land Customer Gallery

Good Morning,

After completing my layout for Scrappy Saturday (refer to Scrappy Saturday 31st March) I have linked it to the La La Land Craft Customer Gallery.

Thank you for looking and I hope you like it!  This was so much fun to do.


Fiona xxx


  1. OH WOWIE Fiona.. this is AMAZING!! Love the dimension you gave her in your coloring--it's fantastic!!

    ANd thanks for dropping by with your well wishes for Leah. I have posted an update on her this morning, but not sure if you saw that post. here's the update for you (from my friend Jerusha)...

    “I have just heard from Leah's mom and she is off the ventilator now. She has no brain damage at all and is able to speak as she had before... bossy, as usual! Hehe. She is still on dialysis and they are unsure of the kidney function at this point. Also, she is unable to walk as the infection was into her muscles. She is working with a therapist to be able to walk again. Yesterday she had no dialysis for four hours which is a huge improvement!! The doctors at the hospital have said that in the run of a year, there are usually only about 3 or 4 children that are saved that were at the point of death, and Leah is one of them. It was truly and completely a miracle. Thank you so much for your prayers!!”

    Thanks for you and your wonderful kiddos for thinking of li'l Leah. So sweet of you all *Ü* Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Dear Kristine,

    I am so happy Leah is getting better. I was so upset when I read what had happened too her. Thank you so much for letting me know her progress I have been thinking about her for days. We will continue to send our love and positive thoughts her way, until she is back in the playground and safe at home.

    Hugs and best wishes