Saturday, 5 May 2012

Scrappy Saturday - Leaving Home

Good Evening!

For Scrappy Saturday this week  I am posting two similar layouts that I did for both my children Ayshia and Jostyn.  At a similar age of approximately 3 years old both of my children went thru a stage where on a particular day they decided they were not happy with me for different reasons so they promptly told me they were running away from home.  I might add that this happened as separate incidents for both children at roughly the same age. It was very amusing a the time.  So I came up with two layouts  that reminded me of  Huckleberry Finn with checkered shirts, overalls and a rucksack over there shoulders!  I really loved how these turned out. As I have mentioned before I love the keep things equal in my house so it only seemed fitting that I have a pink and blue layout for my beautiful daughter Ayshia and a green and blue layout for my handsome son Jostyn.

Both layouts are cut into overall shapes and sewn on the sewing machine.  I have then attached buttons for the shirts and buckles for the overalls. To finish off the layout I have added pockets made out of matching card stock and placed co-ordinated fabric in each pocket to look like a handkerchief.  On the front of each pocket I have placed a metal embellishment with each of the children's initial.  On the second pages of the layout I have left room for the children's photograph.  This has been attached with a copper hinge as under the photograph I have written the children both a letter explaining what occurred on the day the decided they wanted to leave me!  I have always taken the time to write down special things that have occurred in my children's lives from silly things they have said to moments like these.  I am so very glad that I took the time too do this because as we all know things happen so fast in life so I don't ever want to forget moments like these!

I hope you like them!


Fiona xxx

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