Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Talented Tuesday

Good Morning.  It's Talented Tuesday!

This week I have two very special Guest Designers on my blog.

They are Ayshia and Jostyn. My two beautiful children.

I couldn't resist putting my children Ayshia and Jostyn's work this week for the simple fact they deserve to be recognised.  Yes Yes I know I am their mum and sometimes we all tend to be bias towards our children however setting that aside. I really do see talent in both of them. Ayshia is 12 years old and already is producing the most wonderful artwork and characters. She has the most gorgeous imagination. And as for Jostyn who is only 8 years old he too is so talented and creates the most wonderful cards and characters. He already shows a wonderful knowledge and understanding of complimentary colour which just amazes me!

That is why this week I decided I could not pass up the opportunity to display there work and show you all what they are up too. I am so very proud of them both. They make my heart sing and soul soar!!!

I hope you like them! 


Fiona xxx

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